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What Are the Common Causes of Back Pain?

Before your chiropractor can start treating your back pain, they will first seek to understand the issue causing it. There are some notable culprits we need to discuss here.

First, your back pain could be a byproduct of a traumatic injury. Were you involved in a car or fall accident recently? If so, you may be in great pain now because one of the discs in your spine herniated. A damaged disc can impinge nearby nerves excessively and cause significant discomfort.

A different type of injury can also affect your back's connective tissues and muscles. You may pull a muscle or ligament after lifting a heavy object the wrong way. Outside of the pain, these muscle and ligament strains are also characterized by weakness. You may be rendered incapable of using your full strength as long as you’re dealing with that injury.

Although those injuries can explain your back pain, they are not the main reasons why that type of health issue is so prevalent. Instead, many of us struggle with back pain because it can also result from overusing muscles and exhibiting poor posture.

Certain habits are terrible for the back. These habits include slouching, hunching over, and remaining in one position for an extended period. As long as you engage in those habits frequently, your back pain will pop up repeatedly.

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What an Expert Chiropractor Can Do for Your Back Pain?

To understand how a chiropractor can effectively address your back pain, let’s go through its common causes again.

We noted above that your back pain could be related to a herniated disc. If that’s the case, your chiropractor can use spinal adjustments to address the issue. The spinal adjustments can alleviate the pressure exerted by the ruptured disc and eliminate the pain in the process.

Chiropractors can utilize other treatments if your back pain is related to pulled muscles and ligaments. More specifically, they can use acupuncture, cold laser therapy, and therapeutic exercise to stimulate the injured parts of your body and promote faster recovery.

Prevention is vital if your back pain is caused by poor posture and overuse. Seek posture correction advice from your chiropractor and start practicing healthier habits in your daily life. The nagging back pain you’ve struggled with for so long will disappear if you adopt those habits.

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